About us  

Euro Antiques is owned and operated by our family, Hans sr, Dorothé and Hans jr van der Vleuten. For 30 years we export antiques and we're well known by antique dealers all over the world.

Euro Antiques is one of the major wholesale businesses in Europe. We are specialized in organizing private antique buying tours. We're also a professional packing and shipping company.

Our winning strategy:

- We believe in working with you as partners to find the best at the best price.
- As our partner we take you around on daily buying tours.
- We collect you from the airport, make the hotel reservations and make sure that you have a pleasant buying trip.
- Because of the low management costs and good skills we are able to keep the prices low.
- We try to insure the best exchange rates to allow you to complete your purchase in US dollars.
- The container will be packed by our very experienced crew inside our own warehouse.
- All paperwork is handled by our own administration.
- We take care of transportation, packing, documentation and ..... of course our partners!

Buying tours

Euro Antiques has specialized for 30 years in organizing private antique buying tours all over the world. We will plan every aspect of your time with us, allowing you to fully concentrate on finding exactly what you are looking for.

During our buying tours we can visit any one of 200 antique wholesalers, antique dealers, auctioneers or retailers in Holland, Belgium and France. Our specialism even extends to arranging trips to other countries like Turkey and Egypt. We will be glad to show you the best our country and others have to offer.

World wide packing & shipping services  

Euro Antiques is experienced in packing and loading containers for worldwide delivery of your purchased goods. All goods you purchase, are competently packed with the best materials to avoid possible shipping damage.